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Why you need a personal Facebook profile for business

There’s something that no one is talking about right now, and business owners and marketers need to be talking about it! It’s about the Facebook profile.

The big question of the day is:

Do you need a personal Facebook profile for your business?

If you’re not sure – think about this: if you ever want to run ads on Facebook or Instagram, have access to be able to create and manage Facebook groups and Facebook business pages, or have access to your own business manager (or be able to access any of these things on behalf of your clients) then you NEED a Facebook personal profile. 

The harsh reality is that you are one post away from losing your personal Facebook profile

This is NOT a dramatic hook to get you to do anything except save your profile from being ‘limited’ in use or shut down completely. 

Fact: Facebook accounts are being shut down

The worst I’ve seen over the last two years of specializing in Facebook and Instagram marketing is a complete lifetime ban from using any of FACEBOOK’s family of products and services. Just this morning I was being messaged by people who had lost their access to their personal profiles and were worried they’d lose access to the platform permanently.

That’s right, I’ve witnessed hundreds of people lose permanent access to their personal Facebook profiles, their Instagram profiles, their ad accounts, and business managers. And they are not able to get that access back, ever. 

They weren’t even able to create and keep a new account active – what most people fail to realize is that through the Facebook pixel and shared data sources, Facebook can tell when you’ve done something they don’t want you to do.

Sure, you might be able to get away with doing things again for a little while, but eventually, you will get shut down. If Facebook is a key component of your marketing strategy, that could have some serious negative implications for your business. 

Listen up.

In 2020 and beyond, the thing that is going to halt your business is working against Facebook’s crackdown on things it doesn’t like. 

Facebook isn’t the only platform to crack down on people going against the rules. I’ve seen businesses booted from Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube too. If you expect to get away with NOT following the rules, those days are soon to be over, my friend. 

She's Got Vision examines why you need a personal Facebook profile for business.

Here’s what’s happening right now on Facebook 

If you’re promoting your business from your PERSONAL Facebook profile instead of your business page, you’re playing with fire.

In particular, these activities are seeing a whole bunch of shutdowns: dropping links that are for business gain on your personal profile, using big banners with ‘I help X do Y’ to generate leads or drive sales, and going live on your personal profile about your business. 

In 2019 Facebook banned a bunch of profiles for promoting businesses from their personal profile.

These were high profile people too.

Why? Well, it’s easy – promoting businesses and brands is what Facebook PAGES were made for.

“Oh but Page reach has dropped!”

Has it? Has it really? 

Let’s look at a case study from Depesh Mandalia

  • His Facebook Page has around 6K fans, so it’s still on the small side.
  • His average reach on a standard post is 1.5K – 25%
  • On an ok post the average reach is around 3K – 50%
  • For a post he’s trying to get engagement for his average reach falls between 4-5K – about 80%
  • Posts with a Facebook Live or more engagement ‘inputs’ will get average reach well over 1,000% + (i.e. he is going way beyond his base fan count because of the organic impact of interactions showing up on fans’ friends’ feeds).

Depesh isn’t the only one able to take a Facebook page and get good reach and engagement. I’ve seen many other people able to hit very similar metrics with their posts on their Facebook pages. 

Ways to Boost Audience Engagement

Let’s review how you can push organic content via your Facebook Page and drive good engagement with your audience:

  • The frequency of your posts matters. Get consistent with a posting schedule and share good quality content that your audience wants to learn more about. 
  • The topic matters. Mix the types of posts you’re doing up. Share some info based posts, some for pure entertainment, and others that help to drive engagement. Think of how you would want to be interacted with as a human being. Create content that focuses on building relationships with the real people in your audience. 
  • Post format is a big consideration (video, image, text only, lives). Your audience will have a preference for what they like to see. Some people prefer text, others love video, etc. Attention to the response your posts get and lean into what your audience is loving. 
  • Be sure to engage with your audience. I respond to comments and engage in discussions with my audience. I treat them the way I want to be treated, as people and not sales transactions. 
  • Check if you are being topic-specific. I’m mainly focussing on a clear niche: marketing and social media (a la content marketing). 
  • Are you promoting your posts on other channels to help drive people to your Facebook page? You can link to posts on your Facebook page via email, you can promote them to a broader reach with ads, you can even share them on other platforms.

That’s the core of it. It’s not difficult to get good reach and to follow the rules for being able to use the online platforms we know and love.

Organic Reach Impacts Ad Results

Did you know that poor reach of your organic content from your Facebook page will also have a negative impact on your ad CPMs too?

That’s right – you need to make an effort with your organic content to be able to be successful with your paid traffic. I’ve been saying that since late 2017 when I first started to notice a trend between poor audience engagement and poor ad results. 

The crazy part about running a business and marketing it is that most people don’t want to put the time and effort in to doing it right, or doing it at all.

They want to press the easy button, throw some money at it and think ads will magically get them to six figures in a year.

That’s just not the case anymore. You need to play by the rules. And work to build a real audience full of engaged people and raving fans.

If you want to risk losing your Facebook profile (and probably your income if you rely on your Facebook login) then ignore this entire message.

Why I Play by the Rules

I don’t promote my business on my profile. The reason is simple — I don’t want to lose my personal profile and impact my business. I want to keep my personal profile, well, personal. There’s a space for everything and that is totally ok!

There are a few examples of people using their profiles really well to build ‘know, like, trust’. These people are trying to generate leads or sell products, very rarely posting business links, building stories and hooks.

I’m not saying don’t promote your expertise or add business links to your profile. You should be sharing who you are and why people should follow you. Use your profile as ‘brand awareness’ and ‘engagement’ not for ‘direct response’ and tread forward very carefully.

Be sure to take note of this and share it with those that need to read it.

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