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What to Pin in November

Do you ever wonder what to pin in November? This post will help you figure out what to pin, what content to plan ahead for, and how to maintain your Pinterest profile with a limited amount of time.


What to Pin in November She's Got Vision Pinterest Strategy

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Let’s check out some ideas for what to pin in November:


These topics trend each year on Pinterest, and are a great idea starter for you to create blog posts and content for your affiliate links to help connect people with the ideas, products and inspiration they’re looking for.


  • New Year
    • Party Planning
    • New Year’s Eve
    • Budget tips
  • The Big Game
    • Recipes
  • Thanksgiving
    • Meal ideas
    • Appetizers
    • Cocktails
    • Crockpot cooking
    • Travel
  • Black Friday
    • Cyber Monday
  • Holiday Season
    • Christmas
    • Hanukkah
    • Dinner parties
    • Travel
    • Gift Guides
    • Holiday Recipes


Content Planning


You guessed it, we’re still in the season of planning out Thanksgiving, Christmas, Black Friday and Cyber Monday content. This is the time to wrap up the planning and move on to planning for the New Year too.


Some ideas of content to create for the new year ahead: budget tips, weight loss tips, fitness, healthy eating, and travel saving.


If you’re into reviewing some of your favourite annual products, consider writing blog posts for these products. Day planners, fitness memberships, subscriptions, and even stock photography sites are all great annual products that people may be thinking about as we get closer to the new year.


What to Promote


Tis the season of all things Fall and Winter on Pinterest. So, basically you can promote anything that fits into the big themes people are looking for: Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Holiday Gift Guides and Holiday Recipes.


Pinterest Maintenance Tip


Share a popular pin in your weekly or monthly newsletter, and on social media. This helps to remind your audience that you’re on Pinterest and encourages them to follow you!


Do you have a favourite thing to pin in the month of November? Something you plan ahead for each and every year? I want to hear all about it!

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