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What is Pinterest All About Anyway? Why Should I Use It?

Like a lot of people out there you’re probably asking yourself, “What is Pinterest all about anyway?” Well, Pinterest is a lifestyle brand that allows you to create a visual, online bulletin board (or collection) of things you like and group them together for easier reference later. You can organize the boards by topic, and you get to choose the categories and topics you are most interested in.


What is Pinterest All About Anyway? Why Should I Use It? | She's Got Vision | Pinterest Strategist


Who is using Pinterest and how are they using it?

  • Pinterest has more than 200 million active monthly users.
  • 72% of Pinterest users are female, and 66% of those are age 35+.
  • 20% of women using the Internet are on Pinterest. 

What about men?

Men are increasingly using Pinterest too! 2018 sparked the year my husband joined Pinterest, and he’s been hooked ever since. There’s a growing amount of pins for products, services and hobbies that cater to male interests. And the more men that join Pinterest, and the more businesses that market to men on Pinterest, the more of that content there will be!

Pinterest is also the best place to reach 1 in 2 millenials. You can tap into a growing base of potential customers on Pinterest, whether they’re older, younger, male or female. Awesome, right?

How long do people spend on Pinterest?

The amount of time visitors spend surfing Pinterest is one hour. And people usually save things for future reference, which means it can take up to 90 days from the time someone first researched something on Pinterest to the time they actually make a purchase. That’s why it’s so important to get ahead of important dates, seasons and holidays on Pinterest!

The Rise of the Visual Web

Did you know – great business brands are about telling compelling, congruent stories. Pinterest is great for businesses, because it is all about storytelling in pictures. People love pictures.

Pinterest has tapped into that love of pictures, and allows you to bring what you do beyond words and into images. By tapping into what we love and making it easy to find what we’re looking for Pinterest has created and perfected image search to connect people with ideas, brands, products and services.

Sometimes, people even find each other and create interpersonal connections around their love of similar visuals and ideas. Pinterest has made it even easier for people to come together and build relationships or plan events thanks to group boards. These boards make it easy to collaborate and have conversations all in one place. Now it’s even easier to keep track of planning that next birthday party or home renovation!

Yes, Pinterest is Great for Business

Pinterest has sparked a big enough change in society that businesses of all shapes and sizes should sit up and take notice.

The great part is that it’s not too late to start using Pinterest for business! With the right strategy, and a little help from a Pinterest Manager when you need it, you can start using Pinterest for your business and start building a following in as little as 30 days.

If you already have a Pinterest profile, download the 5-minute Pinterest audit checklist to see where you can improve your Pinterest presence and your Pinterest strategy.


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