Using Instagram Stories for Business -

Using Instagram Stories for Business

Instagram stories can help your business drive beautiful results — Awareness, recall, purchase lift, sales and more. Instagram said that 500 million Instagram accounts use Instagram Stories every day!  

Businesses are seeing success with Instagram stories and Instagram stories ads for a range of marketing objectives. Once you figure out how they best fit into your marketing strategy, you’ll love using stories to reach your audience.

Instagram Stories and stories ads are available to businesses worldwide. Let’s review some quick ways to get started using Instagram stories for business! 

She's Got Vision covers how Instagram stories can help increase sales and brand awareness.

Let’s try creating an organic Instagram story

Organic stories are seen by people that follow your Instagram account and disappear from view after 24 hours.

Pro tip: To make them last a little longer than 24-hours add them to your Instagram highlights. 

Step 1

Tap the camera symbol in the top left of your screen or swipe right from anywhere in Feed.

Step 2

Tap the circle at the bottom of the screen to take a photo, or tap and hold to record a video. To choose a photo from your phone’s library or gallery, swipe up anywhere on the screen. If the photo or video you choose doesn’t fit on the screen at first, pinch to change the size.

Step 3

Tap this symbol to draw
Tap this one to add text
Tap the happy face to add stickers

Tap the symbols shown above to draw, add text or a sticker to your photo or video. Tap Undo to remove a drawing effect or Done to save it. To remove the text or a sticker, drag and drop it to the bottom of the screen.

Create an Instagram story ad to reach more people

Stories ads can run for as long as you wish and can be optimized to match the business objective that matters to you. Here’s how you can create a stories ad using Ads Manager:

Step 1

Go to Ads Manager. You can either use Guided Creation or Quick Creation to create an ad. Click Create.

Step 2

Select the Brand Awareness, Reach, Video views, Conversions, App installs, Lead Generation or Traffic objective.

Step 3

In the Placements section, select Automatic Placements or Edit Placements. Instagram Stories is selected by default in both workstreams.

Step 4

Follow the rest of the steps to continue building your ad campaign. When you’re ready, click Confirm to publish your changes.

How to create content for Instagram Stories 

Keep attention with speed.

Things move fast in stories. Try and land your message and showcase your brand quickly. Experiment with creating succinct narratives.

Enhance your story with sound.

Use voice-over or music as creative tools to enhance the message and value proposition for your brand or product.

Begin with your brand.

Seconds matter, so integrate branded elements like logos and packaging at the start of your creative.

Design with your objective in mind.

Focus on people for brand objectives and product for conversion objectives.

Split your story into scenes.

Use fast-paced narratives and quick messages. Top performing ads have shorter, more succinct scenes.

How Instagram Stories can help build brand awareness and loyalty

People look to stories for inspiration. Let’s take a look at how you can use stories to form new connections. 

Use stories to bring your brand to life on Instagram.

  • Use the vertical canvas to tell creative stories
  • Build creative that’s relevant and well-branded to build brand equity and perception
  • Choose key brand moments like launches and premieres for driving action and awareness
  • Share authentic content (like sneak peeks of products) to drive brand loyalty

You do not need vertical creative assets to use stories ads

While it’s useful to have vertical imagery for stories, it’s not mandatory. Here are a few other ways of creating assets for stories:

  • When building a campaign, Facebook Ads Manager will automatically transform your content into stories-ready assets.
  • You can also try reworking existing photos or videos. You can re-crop a picture to fit a vertical screen, add bookends at the top and bottom of an image, or stack multiple images on top of one another.
  • If you need help creating assets for Stories ads, use templates or contact a graphic designer to create original ad graphics for you.

Check out a variety of ways you can create a stories ad with any asset or level of creative resourcing here.

How to add Stories ads to Facebook campaigns

In Facebook Ads Manager, use Automatic Placements or Multiple Placements including stories to get the most efficient delivery. Facebook will deliver ad content in the placement believed most likely to help drive campaign results and use your budget efficiently based on your optimization goal. When you select Instagram Stories ads as a placement, your feed creative will be automatically transformed into a native stories ad. Or you can upload content created specifically for stories.

Fact: Instagram stories ads do not disappear after 24 hours

Organic Instagram Stories (the unpaid stories you might post directly from your Instagram account) disappear from view after 24 hour. Stories ads, however, run the same way that feed ads do. You choose the length of the campaign and the frequency with which your ads are served, and Facebook’s ad platform runs the ads based on your chosen business objectives.

Instagram Stories ads can help drive sales/conversions

Many of the clients’ I’ve worked with have seen success with performance objectives like sales and conversions. Consider using and testing Instagram Stories ads as a full-funnel solution. Here are some recommendations:

  • Use clear calls-to-action
  • Utilize deep link capabilities
  • Send people to fast-loading, mobile-optimized destinations

Why You Should Use Instagram Stories for Business

Stories make full use of the mobile screen, offering businesses a beautiful, distraction-less canvas.

Instagram stories can help your business drive site visits, sales, app installs and more!

You can inspire action with stories by:

  • Optimize for the right objective
  • Focus your creative content on product features and benefits
  • Measure and track real business outcomes based on people

How to create stories that inspire action:

  1. Show your brand in 3 seconds or less
  2. Have a clear message
  3. Use thumb-stopping visuals
  4. Make your product the star
  5. Play more

Other helpful resources

Learn more on how people are innovating with the stories vertical canvas! Check out AdWeek’s The World’s Most Creative People Show You How To Master Vertical Video article.

To see more inspiring creatives from Instagram Creators, visit the Instagram for Business Facebook page and the Instagram Creators Stories Highlights.


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