Thousands of Women Are Finding Empowerment on Instagram -

Thousands of Women Are Finding Empowerment on Instagram

You may have heard of a little thing called the Imperfect Boss. It pretty much lives on Instagram and Facebook, but sometimes makes an appearance on Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube too. The hashtag is #theimperfectboss and it’s growing in popularity. 


Thousands of Women Are Finding Empowerment on Instagram | She's Got Vision | Pinterest Strategist


Started by my friend, Ashley Beaudin, the Imperfect Boss seeks to empower women and strike a movement that sparks change. Ashley has a passion for movements, and even had a Movement Makers Club in 2017 to help other people get their movements going to spark change in different ways. Let me tell you, that club was full of women with BIG visions, and I loved every minute of it. 

Why I Joined the Imperfect Boss Campaigns

The first time I joined in on an Imperfect Boss Campaign the focus was on showcasing our imperfections instead of hiding them. So much emphasis online and offline is of perfect females leading perfect lives, and doing it all flawlessly. The campaign sought to shake that false image up and showcase what really happens behind the pretty Instagram feed and gorgeous Pinterest pins. 

I joined in on that campaign, because I knew deep down that I wanted my truth to be heard to. I worked a corporate job that isolated me, and caused me to feel less than more often than not. But deep down inside I knew I had more to say, and I needed to figure out how to find my voice and let it be heard. 

It was fabulous and shocking to see so many women participate that round. And while it was scary to put my truths out there and own them, it was SO liberating too. The sense of community and empowerment radiated shockwaves through Instagram and Facebook. Talk about too cool for words!

Flipping the Focus

The next campaign of the Imperfect Boss focused on something different: awesomeness! The goal was “to collectively pause together on all that inner dialogue on all the reasons why we’re just not enough, and say out loud what we’re good at, what our superpowers are and why we can be confident.” And it was awesome! 

I joined the next campaign too, because it was positivity focused and that is my jam! At work I was always trying to get people to flip their script. To focus on the positive and use that power to help mitigate the negative. A few people saw my perspective and it really changed their way of thinking.

From my experiences, I knew the power behind positive conversations. I wanted to be part of a larger conversation that had a big impact and helped people just like me. It was awesome to see people change and have mini breakthroughs.

A few people dropped off, but that’s okay too! Not everyone is ready to focus on positive things that build community. When the time is right, they might join in again, and their voice will add value to the conversation. 

Encouragement Everywhere

I was an encourager for two campaigns and loved interacting with everyone that posted and commented each day. It was great to help other people and let them know they aren’t alone. That reassurance can be really helpful, especially for those of us who work from home, or who juggle a corporate job and a business of their own. 

Being an encourager, and helping people work through what they are dealing with, was an awesome experience. It was positive, and it helped me to recognize just how much I wanted to help other people each and every day. That sparked the idea to change up my business approach, and it helped me to start to find my voice. 

In the months that followed I dug deep and worked through a lot of things. I refocused my businesses to help busy women, moms, brides and business owners. That’s where my passions lie – I LOVE empowering and encouraging other women, and I firmly believe we are all better together

Those changes and breakthroughs, and a lot of hard work led to where I am today. I’m a sponsor for the next campaign, which focuses on something different again. Instead of #theimperfectboss this campaign is #thetruthrebellion.

The goal behind this rebellion is “to collectively pause together on all that inner dialogue on all the reasons why we’re just not enough, and say out loud what we’re good at, what our superpowers are and why we can be confident.” It’s the merging of a negative and a positive. It has the power of “me too” and the implications to continue to deal with whatever inner demons drag us down.

The cool part is that we’re not in it alone. We’re in it together. And you can be too. 

Join us. Let your voice be heard on January 17th. Sign up today at

I hope to see you there! 



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