How to Create "Shop the Look" Pins on Pinterest -

How to Create “Shop the Look” Pins on Pinterest

Pinterest has many, many awesome features for business owners to utilize. You can pin your products to boards using rich pins, but did you know that you can also use Shop the Look pins to tag your products too?


How to Create "Shop the Look" Pins on Pinterest She's Got Vision Pinterest Strategy

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What are Shop the Look pins?


Shop the Look is a Pinterest feature that allows US-based businesses to tag products within a pin. It also helps pinners to find products easier inside the big grouping of fashion and home decor pins that are all over Pinterest. This feature helps pinners to take the inspiration they find on Pinterest and bring it to life using the products they see in a pin.


How can I tell what a Shop the Look pin is?


Shop the Look pins have white dots that call out different parts of the pin. When a pinner taps on the dots they are able to shop the products featured in the pin. It’s a great way to use a regular image of say a living room, and have pinners able to shop all the individual products that were used to create the photograph.


How do I get Shop the Look pins for my Business?


If you would like to create Shop the Look pins for your blog or business, it’s easy to apply! Before you can apply, be sure that you have a Pinterest business profile, that you’ve enabled rich pins, and that you’ve claimed your website. You’ll also need to be a US-based content creator or business owner to be eligible for Shop the Look pins.


Once you have all that set up and ready to roll, fill out this form to have Pinterest get you all set up with Shop the Look!


How do I use Shop the Look pins Once I’m Set up by Pinterest?


After Pinterest has approved you for Shop the Look pins, and they’ve enabled them on your account you’ll see a little tag icon on pins that link back to your claimed website. You just need to click on the tag icon to start tagging your products from the website or on iOS! It’s that easy!


How do I tag Products to pins on web? Can I use Shop the Look pins for my affiliate pins?


Yes, you can use Shop the Look for your affiliate product pins. You just need to click on the tag icon on the pin you want to add product tags to, then click tag products. You’ll get a little bounding box that you can create around the product image you want to tag, and this will create the Shop the Look dot. If you need to move the dot around, drag it to a new spot within the image.


Next, you’d paste your product or affiliate link and click on the next button. Choose your product image, click add tag, and repeat the steps for multiple products within the image if needed. Once you’re all done creating product tags in your pin, click the done button before you exit the page or close the window.


How do I view all my Shop the Look pins?


To view your Shop the Look Product Pins, you can type in[your_pinterest_username]/products-you-tagged/


Can I use URL shorteners when tagging products?


No, Pinterest does not support URL shorteners. Do not use them on any of your pins. Original full links only.


Shop the Look pins are easy to use and great for business!


I love the idea of this feature! It’s a great asset to business owners and bloggers wanting to monetize their blogs. I can’t wait for the day Pinterest decides to bring it to Canadian content creators too.



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