It’s time to take your audience on a journey from brand awareness to super fan!

Marketing & Business Strategy to take you from frazzled to fabulous 

Hard truth: There is not one "magic" formula that works for everyone - your business is unique and your marketing should be too. You know what we're talking about....

The course that always seems to sell out
The ads that make you stop scrolling. 
The images that are eye-catching. 
The copy that feels like it's speaking directly to you. 

The next thing you know is that you're clicking, signing up and buying their stuff. 

Don't you want that feeling and experience for your business? 

You’ve been trying to create a value-packed online course and sales funnel, and figure out how to promote it for months… but knowing what to prioritize can feel so overwhelming. Here’s the thing. All of these pieces need to work together to get the strongest results. We’re here to help you get from course idea to launch so you can take your brand to the next level with confidence!

We believe that marketing can be ethical, impactful, and profitable without manipulation or slimy sales tactics. And we believe you shouldn't have to figure it out alone.

Right now the fear of not knowing how to make it happen is taunting you.

For heart-led business owners wanting crowds of raving fans and a little magic to soar in business but...

Fear and fatigue

Content marketing overwhelm

Business blues and client crickets

Creative constipation

Overcomplicated jargon & strategies

It's time to say goodbye to:

Say hi to your cocktail drinking marketing strategists guiding you to a place where fears are conquered and being sold out reigns supreme

We've got the magic your biz has been begging for – signature drink included.

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Marketing Team on Tap

help my biz look pretty!

Brand Design & Collateral

I Need help!

Biz Strategist on Call

Choose your pixie dust

let's go!

Biz Strategist on Call Starts at $297 USD/day

1 day where we dive into your current biz and marketing strategy, so you can get help where you need it most.

Ask any questions you have, and get feedback on offer ideas. 

Get clarity on your problem areas and tackle common issues.

We use a communication method like Slack, Voxer or Email, and have casual conversation throughout the day so we think through things together.

It's time to get help with your biz & marketing strategy & our adventure together includes:

You've dived in and tested all the marketing strategies the internet has to offer with less than desirable results. It's such a challenge that your marketing funnel isn't producing the results you want to see. 

A helping hand is needed to get your strategy in tip-top shape and we're ready to guide the way, so you can stop wasting your time and get clarity on your funnel once and for all.

Need help to showcase your story and see your business soar? Get 2 biz strategists on call for a day, so you can get answers to your questions right away!

Biz Strategist on Call

adventure one

let's go!

Investment starting at $750 / Month
** payment plans available

Custom brand design and strategy, delving into the true essence of your brand and giving it an intentional visual identity with creative brand direction.

Brand design includes: • Primary logo, secondary logo, and submark • Pattern (if applicable) • typography • Color Palette • Brand Style Guide

Collateral design including but not limited to: 
• Welcome/Pricing Guides • Social Media design
• Business collateral (cards, envelopes etc.)
• Course materials (workbook, guides etc.)  • Opt-in

Say sayonara to your design worries and fears ‘cause our journey includes:

A brand crafted with intention and purpose is a valuable asset to your business. It allows clients to see into the heart of your business, differentiate you from the masses, creates the foundation for a unique client experience and becomes a magnetic attractor of the audience you crave and deserve. 

Brand Design & Collateral

adventure two

Let us help you elevate your brand with custom brand design + collateral (you can go all in with both or either or depending on your needs). 

To take a look at our previous work
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let's Do This!

Retainers start at $1,000 / Month

Ongoing individualized strategy and coaching to support your business goals. 

Touches on the areas of marketing strategy, business strategy, funnels, offer refinement, customer experience, product development and launching.

Full or limited implementation of tailored biz strategy to include (content creation, design, funnels, data tracking and much more).

Retainers are for 3, 6 and 12 month durations. 

This is what's included in our adventure together:

You’ve been working on your marketing for what feels like forever and you still can’t see the finish line.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you every month! We’ll work with you on retainer to give you direct access to the help you need without the heavy payroll burden.

Marketing Team on Tap

adventure three

Learn more about us

I love creating memorable client experiences! My background in human services and graphic design helps me create gorgeous, branded training materials that keep customers engaged and connected.

Meet Terrica

I love brainstorming and strategy! It’s my superpower and I’ve never met a topic I couldn’t learn more about. I’m a whiz at finding the holes in your marketing efforts and new ways to repurpose content to create online courses and digital products.

Meet Vanessa

We know how hard it can feel to develop great offers, gain visibility, and get noticed by the right customers at the right time. We’re on a mission to put your content to work for you so you can get out of the weeds of your business and scale to new heights!

We take a collaborative approach to online business and marketing strategy and always provide expert coaching within our services, so that you can feel confident in growing your business even after we work together!

Hi, we’re Vanessa & Terrica! We’re passionate about helping online business owners bring their visions to life.

Introducing your marketing strategists on tap!

G.S. , Facebook ads client

We're incredibly happy that she managed to
maintain stability despite all the changes happening to
Facebook's ad platform while we were testing a brand new
funnel strategy. Our results and the targeting are awesome,
and people are sticking around longer in our membership than
they were before."

"The strategy Vanessa recommended and the approach to testing ads was solid. 

V.L., Facebook ads client

I've grown my team, my profits
and set the foundation for continued growth."

"I started out only wanting to grow my list, and walked away accomplishing so much more. 

E.N., Facebook ads client

I didn't expect much running ads through a pandemic, but I was
pleasantly surprised by how well the ads did. The attention to
detail and monitoring was great, and the work definitely
shows in the results."

"I'm happy with seeing the results roll in, and the funnel feedback has been so helpful!

Donaji Mejia

 She's Got Vision was incredibly efficient. I fully trusted them to take my content and repurpose it in a new way to bring some fresh content to my audience. I've got enough content for a couple of months now just in one day. And the time that gave me is priceless. I would've never done this much in one day myself!

"She's Got Vision knows what they're doing and are doing it amazingly. They got their system down.

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