This a small sampling of designs from Terrica the design half of SGV

A sneak peek at our design work

** these designs were done under her brand name ThePrintedOrchid


advocacy focused law firm

Branding collateral

Business card design for an Atlanta-based law firm where client advocacy is their focus.

This design was a created with the client in mind balancing both a mix of modern design but classic structure. Their law firm while a traditional entity mixes in a modern and unique perspective and this card design reflects this. Additionally, the firm is co-owned by a married couple so I also design a more masculine alternative exchanging the rose-gold for a copper and integrating more bold accents. 


bookkeeping agency

business collateral

Steadfast Bookkeeping is a finance agency dedicated to business owners and helping them achieve their dreams by taking the number crunching off of their plates.. 

This was a custom-designed collateral project of (2) cards that would be used to help commemorate client's birthdays and also to send a special note (all about this client experience!). For this design I combined both their nautical based brand with an injection of fun and personality just like their amazing team. This would be sure to brighten the day of all their clients!

C.h. Photography


brand refresh + collateral

C.H. Photography is a family and bridal focused photographer based out of Washington state.

I had the joy of working with Cherika after her winning a custom design by me through the Launch Brand Grow summit I offered my services to. At that time she was just beginning so I offered to give her a mini brand identity design. I incorporated bright and vibrant colors as a reflection of her photography style along with her personal element which was the star!

For the collateral piece I designed a custom thank you card that she could use to send a quick thank you to new clients after they booked. I wanted to directly add in that punch of color and vibrancy to be a true representation of her and the brand experience.

Gray Season Apparel

urban clothing line

brand design refresh

Brand refresh + mini style guide for an urban apparel brand with a sub-line for men and women.

This brand refresh style guide was created to give new life and direction to a current apparel brand. The core of the brand had modern yet classic roots so I tied in a bit of a modern aesthetic on a traditional Americana theme. I also kept the design simplistic enough that it could be modified and shaped to fit different collections as the brand grows while staying true to its roots. This is I think a great combo of twisting classic with a bit of grit to find a brand voice that feels unique yet familiar just like the neighborhood streets we return to swirled in a bit of nostalgia, just like home. 




This was a suite I created when I made a slight pivot that honestly never made it to a verified offer or my website. I created this suite for a conference and it was a perfect blend of my minimalist and modern design aesthetic. It included a mini booklet, hang tag, thank you card and media kit. ⁠

I wanted to combine a visual texture with a bold pop and subtle accents, this would be perfect for an event that is designed for a impact. The color palette lends to a professional yet urban and trendy vibe.

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