A podcast where you join us (Vanessa & Terrica!) as we chat about all things biz and marketing over cocktails of course. From bold dreams to helpful hints, we cover it all.

Marketing & Cocktails: The Podcast

Marketing and Cocktails is a podcast for entrepreneurs, side-hustlers, and full-time business owners who want to market themselves ethically, have amazing launches and scale their business profitably. We dig into the mindset, habits, branding, marketing tactics, and business strategies that help you build buzz and make money doing what you love. Each week over cocktails you’ll hear our advice on marketing and launching your next offer while giving bro marketer advice the boot. 

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Repurposing Your Content to Create Digital Products


5 Tips to Conquer Your Fear of Selling


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We are the wonder dup of two self-proclaimed nerds, a brand designer and sugar attic, and a  launch strategist and content creator with a love of all things Disney. Each week you'll hear our behind the scenes conversations and expert advice on marketing and launching your next offer while doing it all ethically and organically. We can't wait to have you on this journey with us! We're here to truly serve and connect in the best way we know how, so take a seat and grab a drink (or make that two its going to be a long ride!).

Hi, we're your hosts Terrica & Vanessa! 

We believe in keeping it real and honest marketing (no bro marketing here!) and that everything is better told over a cocktail.

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