How to Use the Pinterest Showcase -

How to Use the Pinterest Showcase

You may have heard about the Pinterest Showcase, and you might be wondering what they are and how to use them for your business. This post covers all that and more.


How to Use the Pinterest Showcase | She's Got Vision | Pinterest Strategist

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Did you know you can add a showcase to your Pinterest profile?


Now that might have you wondering, “how do I get the Pinterest showcase?” Well let’s start with the basics: a Pinterest showcase is also called a set of featured boards. These featured boards allow you to highlight up to 5 boards for your audience.


What should I use the Pinterest showcase for?


You can use the Pinterest showcase to highlight anything you want. So, you can choose from seasonal content to your all-time best ideas. Basically, choose up to 5 boards that help to tell the unique story of your business.


As a rule of thumb I try to incorporate 5 boards that provide value to the audience. Providing value is as easy as incorporating boards that feature content that educates, enlightens or entertains. That helps people to quickly see that you are providing them with the help they need to solve their problems, or resources and ideas that help them to be entertained or inspired to take the next step to do something, like redecorate a house or plant a garden.


How do I create the Pinterest showcase?


You can only edit the showcase from Pinterest on a desktop browser. From the settings menu click on the button beside featured boards. This will take you to a new screen where you can select up to 5 board titles from drop down menus. Once you’ve chosen your boards, click save and you’ll be returned to the settings menu.


Only public boards are able to be selected for the showcase. If you choose not to feature anything in your showcase, it won’t appear on your profile. People will simply see your normal selection of boards—the prompt to fill your showcase is only visible to you.


Can I add Buyable Pins to my Pinterest Showcase?


Yes, you can! Simply save your buyable pins to a public board and then select it to be featured in your showcase. Easy peasy!



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