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43 Pinterest Promoted Pin Terms You Should Know Before You Run Ads

Why do I need to know Pinterest Promoted Pin Terms? 


When you’re running ads on any social media platform there are always a few terms that you absolutely need to know to fully understand how to get the most out of the ads you run. Pinterest is no exception.


Pinterest is where people discover new ideas and find inspiration to do the things they love!


It serves as a virtual pin board where you can collect and save ideas you love on just about anything, from recipes to fashion to cars to gift ideas. If you want a little more info on what Pinterest is, check out my blog post that covers just that!


If you’re new to Pinterest ads (also called Pinterest promoted pins) or if you don’t use all of the features, some of the terms that pop up in your ad dashboard might not make a whole lot of sense.


Well, today we’re here to shed a whole lotta light on all the terms you should know to get the most out of your Pinterest ad spend.


43 Terms You Should Know Before Running and Creating Pinterest Ads pr Promoted Pins She's Got Vision Pinterest Strategy

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Pinterest Promoted Pin Terms To Know


  1. Pin
    • Pins are ideas that help you get creative or try something new, whether you’re planning a trip or collecting home decor ideas. So, that means Pins are ideas people find and save from around the web. Each Pin links back to the website it was saved from. If you click through the Pin you can learn more about it—like how to make it or where to buy it.
  2. Promoted Pins
    • Promoted Pins are Pins that businesses pay to appear where you’re more likely to notice them. The Promoted Pins you see are based on your interests and things you do on Pinterest, or because you visited an advertiser’s site or app.
  3. Pin Stats
    • You can easily review basic performance metrics right on your Pins. Pin stats aggregate all of the ways people have interacted your content across Pinterest. Pin stats gives you insights into how your Pins are performing, allowing to optimize your strategy quickly.
    • To view your Pin stats, make sure you have a business profile and have claimed your website. You’ll see stats on all Pins that you have saved, and these stats are visible only to you. Tap a Pin to see your Pin stats. At the top of the screen, you’ll see the impressions, saves, and clicks from the past 30 days.
    • Tap See more stats to see all the metrics for your Pin, and to toggle between different date range options (30 days, 7 days, 24 hours). You’ll also see the kinds of boards people are saving your Pin to, which you can use to see how other Pinners are thinking about your Pins.
  4. Impressions
    • The number of times your Pin was seen on Pinterest
  5. Closeups
    • The number of times people tapped on your Pin for a closer look
  6. Saves
    • The number of times people saved your Pin to a board
  7. Clicks
    • The number of times people clicked through your site
  8. Attribution window
    • The acceptable length of time between the conversion and ad engagement, varies across partners
  9. Budget remaining
    • How much money you have left for a given campaign
  10. Checkout conversion
    • A purchase of a product or service from your site
  11. Conversions
    • If you’re using our conversion tracking tag, the number of completed actions (purchase, sign-up, download, etc.) on your website that can be attributed to Promoted Pins
  12. Conversions from clicks
    • When someone on Pinterest clicks your Pin and keeps going to your site (leaving Pinterest)
  13. Conversions from repins + closeups:
    • When someone repins your Pin or clicks to see it close-up (staying on Pinterest) Conversions from views: When somebody sees your Pin on Pinterest
  14. Cost per click (CPC)
    • Cost per click, the average amount you paid per click to your website (cost/paid clicks)
  15. Cost per engagement (CPE)
    • Cost per engagement, the average amount you paid per engagement (repin, closeup and click) on your content (cost/total engagements)
  16. Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)
    • Cost per thousand impressions, the average amount you paid per thousand views of your Promoted Pin (cost/ total impressions)
  17. CTR
    • The clickthrough rate (clicks/paid impressions)
  18. CUR
    • The closeup rate (closeups/paid impressions)
  19. Custom conversion
    • An action that does not fall into one of the other conversion types
  20. Earned clicks
    • The number of visits to your website after your Promoted Pins were repinned or viewed. You do not pay for these.
  21. Earned impressions
    • The number of views your Promoted Pins got after they were repinned. You do not pay for these.
  22. Earned saves
    • The number of times your Promoted Pins were saved by people who saw it outside of your paid campaign. You do not pay for these.
  23. Effective cost per click (eCPC)
    • Effective cost per click = total spend/total clicks
  24. eCTR
    • Effective clickthrough rate of Promoted Pins (total clicks/total impressions)
  25. Effective cost per engagement (eCPE)
    • Effective cost per engagement = total spend/total engagements (repin, closeup and click)
  26. Effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPM)
    • Effective cost per thousand impressions = total spend/total impressions
  27. Effective engagement rate (eER)
    • The effective engagement rate of Promoted Pins (total repins + total closeups + total clicks/paid impressions)
  28. Effective cost per action (eCPA)
    • Effective cost per action = total spend/total conversions Order Value: Total revenue generated by the conversion
  29. Engagements
    • Closeups, repins and clicks on your Promoted Pins (these are only the engagements you pay for)
  30. Engagement rate (ER)
    • Engagement rate (repins + close ups + clicks/paid impressions)
  31. Impressions
    • The total number of views your Promoted Pins got from your paid campaign
  32. Page visit conversion
    • A visit to a page on your site
  33. Quantity
    • The number of items in a checkout conversion
  34. Return on Ad Spend
    • How much revenue your ads generated; ROAS = total revenue/total spend
  35. Saves
    • The number of times your Promoted Pins were saved by people who saw it from your paid campaign
  36. Sign up conversion
    • A sign up for a newsletter, email, etc. from your site
  37. Status
    • This is the status of your campaign or Promoted Pins
  38. Total clicks
    • The number of visits to your website from Promoted Pins, including visits earned from repins
  39. Total closeups
    • Number of times a Pinner took a closer look at your Pin, including closeups earned from repins (a closeup is a single tap or click on the Pin that makes it appear larger)
  40. Total engagements
    • Closeups, repins and clicks on your Promoted Pins, including engagements earned from repins
  41. Total impressions
    • The total number of views your Promoted Pins got, including impressions earned from repins of your Promoted Pins
  42. Total saves
    • The number of times your Promoted Pins were saved by others and repinned again
  43. Total spend
    • The amount you’ve spent during the selected date range


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