How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest the Right Way -

How to Use Hashtags on Pinterest the Right Way

Did you know you can add hashtags on Pinterest? That’s right – you pop them in the pin descriptions! You can also use hashtags to find pins related to a specific topic.


By clicking on the hashtags in a Pinterest pin description you can visit a feed of all the Pins that share that hashtag.


The Right Way to Use Hashtags on Pinterest She's Got Vision Pinterest Tips

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What are hashtags on Pinterest?


Hashtags are a word or phrase preceded by a hash (#) and used to identify Pins on a specific topic. Hashtags are a new way to reach Pinterest users that are interested in your content.


When a pinner searches a hashtag the freshest pins with that hashtag will appear at the top of the feed. When a pinner searches the same phrase without the hashtag, it will pull up the original search results page. Different results for different search methods!


How to use Hashtags on Pinterest


To add a hashtag to your Pin description, type “#” and add a keyword or phrase. Should you want to change your hashtag later, simply edit the Pin description.


What Hashtags Should I use on Pinterest?


When inserting a hashtag, Pinterest recommends that pinners should be specific and descriptive. So, use words or phrases that describe the content in the pin.


As an example: use #fashion instead of #ilovegreyshirts–descriptive hashtags get you exactly what you’re looking for. Leave those other types of hashtags for other platforms.


How many Hashtags should I use per Pin?


Pinterest also recommends that pinners add no more than 20 hashtags per Pin. I prefer not to use more than 3 to 5 per pin to keep the description more conversational, and to ensure that you are using specific, descriptive hashtags that relate to what the pin is all about.


It’s definitely best to be objective and use hashtags that make sense and are relevant to the pin.


What other types of hashtags work on Pinterest?


Depending on your pin, you can consider using hashtags that are seasonal or event related (e.g. #oscars, #backtoschool, #halloween, #christmas).  


You can also consider using hashtags for evergreen content that work well on Pinterest (e.g. #mealplanning, #hairgoals, #homedecor). This helps to make it easier to for pinners to filter and find relevant content they are interested in.


What about Hashtags on Promoted Pins?


As of right now, Pinterest won’t show any Promoted Pins in hashtag feeds. Adding hashtags to the organic instances of your promoted content can help distribute your content in those feeds.



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