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4+ Fail Proof Blog Post Prompts for Any Business Owner

Have you ever visited someone’s blog and been absolutely in awe of how much content they have? I’m going to tell you exactly how those blogs came to be! The secret weapon….it’s all about the blog post prompt!


We’re going to talk about how to come up with topics and how to ultimately have a blog that makes you seem as prolific as the bloggers you currently admire.


4 Fail Proof Blog Prompts for Any Business Owner She's Got Vision Pinterest Strategy

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#thestruggleisreal: Overcoming Writer’s Block

It is the scourge of every aspiring blogger. I’ve found that there are two varieties of writer’s block and the first is a struggle to come up with topics (the second is actually writing the silly thing).


Turns out, it’s really hard to write when you don’t know what to write about.


Before You Start, keep your notes handy everywhere

Use something like Trello, Evernote or Asana or even send yourself a quick email! Even better, if you’re at the computer or a device that supports it, put these titles or notes directly into a blog post draft.


By using something that’s online-based (rather than a notepad on your phone, or sticky notes at your desk), you’ll ALWAYS have those notes handy (assuming you write on your computer!).


When overcoming writer’s block, it’s easy to procrastinate because you don’t have your note source. This eliminates that temptation to put off that blog post for another day 😉


Blog Post Prompt 1: Random thoughts

The easiest way to come up with topics is to not try to do it when you sit down to write. Great blog posts probably come to you constantly throughout the day, and the trick is to recognize them for what they are.


If you find yourself thinking of something randomly related to your business, things your clients do wrong, reasons why they come to you in the first place, how they can benefit from the service or product that you offer – write those down on the cloud.


Blog Post Prompt 2: Social media or other blog posts

Any time you see something on social media or an inspiring blog post that you feel compelled to comment on or that sparks inspiration (that’s related to your business), then that’s something that you could turn into a blog post.


When reading these posts, what did the author miss? Do you have an opposing opinion? Did someone in the comments offer a viewpoint that you hadn’t considered? What kinds of feelings are you getting from these posts?


Write them down!


Blog Post Prompt 3: Spin it right round, baby, right round

Some of the best blog posts are ones where you have a perspective that isn’t the same as most of the world’s perspective. aka #unpopularopinions!


If you ever find yourself wanting to rant to a friend or to your significant other or your business partner or biz bestie about something related to your business, then congratulations, you’ve just stumbled upon a blog post!


Pro Tip: It’s important to make sure to clean up your thoughts before publishing these! No one in your audience wants to feel attacked, so make sure to come at these topics from an angle of gratitude, patience and education rather than irritation or finger pointing.


Blog Post Prompt 4: Your clients’ or audience’s misconceptions

If you are constantly noticing that people are misunderstanding some core aspect of the service or product that you provide, then that’s a blog post!


Take note of all of the little things you find yourself explaining over and over to your clients and or frequently asked questions that you see in Facebook groups or on Instagram and put them into your ever growing blog post title notes.


Ultimately, sharing is caring!

As humans, we have lots of opinions about everything all the time, but even when we spend an hour or more discussing something with a a friend or a significant other, we don’t naturally think about sharing our thoughts with the world.


Once you get into the habit of holding onto those thoughts for your blog, you’ll find that you actually have WAY more blog post topics than you thought possible.

How do you find motivation to write blog posts or to come up with content? I’d love to hear about your process in the comments!

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