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Her Guide

Her Guide to Marketing is a membership encompassing all of our courses and resources for digital product creators and online business owners. 

Brand building and strategy

The pillars of visibility

How to create your business plan

Content creation and Pinterest 101

Marketing tips and tricks

Join us in the virtual classroom as we cover:

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"All you need is faith, trust and a little pixie dust."

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You'll set up a repeatable system to create content and multiply it to drive traffic back to your website and get more eyeballs on you and your expertise!

It includes 3 core phases that take you from strategizing to creating content to promoting it on social media...all within 12-weeks!

Turn social media into your secret traffic-driving weapon and use your content to showcase the expert you are.

Conquer Your  Content & Get Visible

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Everything you need to know to boost traffic and connect with your dreamy audience on Pinterest.

Every business is different, yours included. Your Pinterest profile should showcase that, and your strategy should be tailored to your audience and your unique business goals.

Boost and build your brand awareness on Pinterest to grow your business.

Pinning for 
Business: The Ultimate Pinterest Course

become a master!

As Her Guide to Marketing grows we'll be adding in more training and support to help you get a solid handle on creating simple funnels, getting ready to run ads way before you're ready, engaging your audience to build superfans, and so much more. Plus, pick our brains and get answers to your burning questions!

Join us as we teach you to master your marketing, from branding to funnel strategy and social media advertising.

Marketing Funnels & More

G.S. , Facebook ads client

We're incredibly happy that she managed to
maintain stability despite all the changes happening to
Facebook's ad platform while we were testing a brand new
funnel strategy. Our results and the targeting are awesome,
and people are sticking around longer in our membership than
they were before."

"The strategy Vanessa recommended and the approach to testing ads was solid. 

V.L., Facebook ads client

I've grown my team, my profits
and set the foundation for continued growth."

"I started out only wanting to grow my list, and walked away accomplishing so much more. 

E.N., Facebook ads client

I didn't expect much running ads through a pandemic, but I was
pleasantly surprised by how well the ads did. The attention to
detail and monitoring was great, and the work definitely
shows in the results."

"I'm happy with seeing the results roll in, and the funnel feedback has been so helpful!

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We love serving creative women -- we believe we're better together and that the power of community over competition can be life-changing.

As a fellow creative women, busy wives, and mamas to fur babies, we know how zany life can get. We've experienced first hand that when we combine our strengths the impossible becomes possible. 

We're crazy about serving you as marketing strategists and educators, so you can make time for what matters -- things like good books, sugary cocktails, podcasts and tropical vacations. 

Hi, we're Vanessa and Terrica! Your cocktail drinking fairy godmothers here to help with your marketing & business growth!

(and no we don't mean sugar & spice)

Introducing the dynamic duo!

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How to Come Up with Content Ideas Fast


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