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I was challenged in my thinking when a mentor asked if I was hiding. Eek! I was being called out, and it was totally okay, because she admitted she was hiding too. The fear of being visible is a very real thing. We all do it. We all hide for one reason or another. The excuses […]

The Fear of Being Visible Enables Procrastination


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Everyone has their reasons for wanting to do something in their business. I wanted to host a group giveaway to be able to give back to my audience and build brand awareness at the same time.  My appreciation for the work that goes into an entrepreneur’s life is so strong! The journey from startup to […]

Why I Decided to Host a Group Giveaway

How to Have Consistent Growth on Instagram


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Let’s talk about getting personal in your business and showcasing what’s real.   When you look out at the world of online marketing, it can be easy to feel utterly overwhelmed by the competition.   Pin me for later Download the FREE 5 Minute Pinterest Audit!   The internet is full of big companies, and […]

Getting Personal and Vulnerable in Your Business

The Differences Between Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs She's Got Vision Business Strategy


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Small business is the backbone of the world we live in today. Small businesses create jobs, come up with new ways of doing old things, and help keep money in the local community.   Without small businesses, we’d be in a bigger economic mess.   Pin me for later Download the FREE 5 Minute Pinterest […]

The Difference Between Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Creative Growth Summit by Copper Kettle Co. Sponsored by She's Got Vision Pinterest Marketing


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Let’s dig into what led me to the point of being able to participate in the Creative Growth Summit…   In 2017 my world flipped upside down. And no, I’m not being overly dramatic. Everything changed and it was out of my control. But it was the best thing to happen to me in awhile. […]

How a Change Led Me to Participate in the Creative Growth Summit

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Knowing what to look for to improve your Pinterest profile is half the battle. The 5 Minute Pinterest Audit is here to guide you through a quick assessment of where your profile is set up for success and where it still needs a little work. 

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