Do You Know What Buyable Pins Are? -

Do You Know What Buyable Pins Are?

Buyable pins are pins on Pinterest that allow you to make a purchase without leaving the app. These pins are recognizable by having shopping information, like add to cart and pricing information.


Do You Know What Buyable Pins Are? | She's Got Vision | Pinterest Strategist

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Are Buyable Pins Safe?


All sellers who are able to use buyable pins are screened by Pinterest for quality, both of their products and their customer service. If you’re interested in knowing more about Pinterest’s buyable pin guidelines, you can view them in greater detail here.


Pinterest is working with Stripe and Braintree for payment processing. The goal is to extend quality and security through the entire purchase process. Consumers can feel confident in using payment processing services that they are used to using on other websites. 


Who can Purchase with Buyable Pins?


To be able to make a purchase from within Pinterest you need to be in the U.S. and have an iPhone, iPad or Android device.


They’re not available everywhere, so if you don’t stumble across one, don’t worry – they’re probably not available where you live yet. Pinterest releases new features slowly, so they usually start out in the United States first, and then trickle out to other countries over time. 


If you’re able to make a purchase using buyable pins you’ll see Pins with a “Add to bag” button that links back to the merchant’s store. When people choose to buy a product on Pinterest, order details and payment information are sent to the merchant for processing.


How to Search for Buyable Pins


It’s really easy to find these shopping pins on Pinterest. Use the following steps to find them when you’re conducting a Pinterest search:

  1. Search for something using the search bar.
  2. Click Buyable Pins to view Pins you can purchase.
  3. Click on a Pin to view it larger and if you love it, add it to your bag!

How to Feature Buyable Pins


You can add buyable pins to boards that you feature in your Pinterest showcase. This is a great way to feature products you create right alongside affiliate links you want to promote and educational content.



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