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Everyone has their reasons for wanting to do something in their business. I wanted to host a group giveaway to be able to give back to my audience and build brand awareness at the same time.  My appreciation for the work that goes into an entrepreneur’s life is so strong! The journey from startup to […]

Why I Decided to Host a Group Giveaway


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If you’re promoting your business from your PERSONAL Facebook profile instead of your business page, you’re playing with fire.

Why you need a personal Facebook profile for business

Advertising Attribution


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Facebook attribution can feel a little overwhelming at times. We’re here today to bust through that overwhelm and sort out the difference between direct, organic and paid attribution. Direct The number of conversions that are attributed to visits with no referring domain or UTM parameters that could be detected. Direct also includes conversions that don’t […]

Direct, Organic and Paid Facebook Attribution

Attribution in Advertising

Facebook, Pinterest

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Today’s shoppers pass through many phases before deciding what to buy, what to sign up for or even what free trials to take. But when it comes to online advertising, most advertisers only measure the last click right before a purchase. That can severely undervalue platforms like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram that start influencing shoppers’ […]

What is Attribution in Advertising?

Facebook clear history tool


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Facebook has been providing notice to advertisers about updates that are coming up in the second half of 2019, like the Facebook clear history tool. We’re taking a closer look at those and the changes that have already been rolling out in the first half of 2019. Let’s take a closer look at these changes […]

How the Facebook Clear History Tool Impacts Advertisers

She's Got Vision Covers Quiz Creation

Content Marketing

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As a Pinterest manager and content marketing consultant working with clients I had heard a lot of objections and reasons why business owners felt they couldn’t take action. Thinking back on those interactions got my gears going, and I wanted to create a resource that could help business owners really understand where they were at […]

How to Create a Quiz That Helps Your Audience

gimme GIMME!

Knowing what to look for to improve your Pinterest profile is half the battle. The 5 Minute Pinterest Audit is here to guide you through a quick assessment of where your profile is set up for success and where it still needs a little work. 

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