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Once upon a time I had a career in government that looked a little different than it does today. After 14-years of that 9 to 5 life, I decided it was time to try something new. One bachelor's degree in business & marketing later, I started a business that has grown into what She's Got Vision is today. Along the way I picked up a Master's degree in communications & technology, and a love of teaching all the nerdy marketing things to business owners & creative entrepreneurs. 

Hi, I'm Vanessa – the human content generator & ad magic maker!

A Canadian girl with piercing blue eyes and a mischievous smile. I believe in solid strategies, a little Disney magic and that the journey should be just as fun – if not more! – than the destination. 

Oh, and I'm obsessed with Dr. Pepper, travelling & crafting.

Before I embarked on this biz journey, I had a career in government and excelled at creating amazing experiences. 
I knew I wanted to help others in a bigger way. So, I started a design business that led to an opportunity to partner to make She's Got Vision the kickass agency it is today. Along the way I picked up a Master's degree in human services, and a love of simple, but significant design. 

Hi, I'm Terrica – the design & client experience specialist!

A southern girl hailing from Atlanta, with a whole lotta heart and wit. I believe that simplicity is key, a rebellious spirit will get you far and that true progress is a process. 

I’m also in love with baking, bowling and all things boozy (yay for alliteration)

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Just a bit of the work we've been up to..

With blog posts to write, products to create, client projects to finish and family to manage (fur babies totally count as family btw), you need a little more time to breathe! Learning new skills to grow a business is draining, and you just want someone out there to make it easy! 

That's where we come in -- to guide you on your business journey to make your expertise shine while working a little marketing magic along the way!

Are you ready to rewrite your story?

You're a heart-led digital creator wanting more freedom to thrive and a little magic to soar in business.

Great news, adventure seeker 

We're here to guide you to a place in business where  fears are conquered & creativity reigns. 

Making marketing, ads and funnels actually convert is tricky.

It's hard to figure out how to stop your audience in their tracks and grab their attention, especially on social media!

Is there a method to making ads work like magic? To designing opt-ins that delight? And how the heck do you make sense of increasing conversions and turning an actual profit? 

Marketing is about communicating what you can do for your customer. And it's easier than you think to make all the puzzle pieces really come together -- we'll show you how!

We've built an inclusive business that serves a very diverse audience, and we believe in showcasing what makes each of us different and unique.

It's the power of our differences and experiences that makes amazing things happen when we work together. 

Never grow up

Success is a journey not a destination

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them

Love and kindness are never wasted

Community over competition

We believe in ethics, trust and understanding the vulnerability of a large investment in your future. We stand for:

Our passion (and biz) is fueled by hard work, faith and fairy dust .

It's not just heart-shaped confetti and creativity that excites us.

our business values

Travel, to new places & spaces

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Family and friends

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our favourite things

Anywhere tropical

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Sugar & cocktails

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Baking & Netflixing

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Peach daiquiri's

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G.S. , Facebook ads client

We're incredibly happy that she managed to
maintain stability despite all the changes happening to
Facebook's ad platform while we were testing a brand new
funnel strategy. Our results and the targeting are awesome,
and people are sticking around longer in our membership than
they were before."

"The strategy Vanessa recommended and the approach to testing ads was solid. 

V.L., Facebook ads client

I've grown my team, my profits
and set the foundation for continued growth."

"I started out only wanting to grow my list, and walked away accomplishing so much more. 

E.N., Facebook ads client

I didn't expect much running ads through a pandemic, but I was
pleasantly surprised by how well the ads did. The attention to
detail and monitoring was great, and the work definitely
shows in the results."

"I'm happy with seeing the results roll in, and the funnel feedback has been so helpful!

Donaji Mejia

 She's Got Vision was incredibly efficient. I fully trusted them to take my content and repurpose it in a new way to bring some fresh content to my audience. I've got enough content for a couple of months now just in one day. And the time that gave me is priceless. I would've never done this much in one day myself!

"She's Got Vision knows what they're doing and are doing it amazingly. They got their system down.

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