Boards full of Pinterest pins that drive traffic numbers up, up, up AND time to focus on your entrepreneurial zone of genius.

Yup, you CAN have them both.

You’re a creative business owner, and you’ve got blog posts to write, client projects to finish, and family to manage (fur babies totally count as family btw). Do you ever just need a little more time to breathe?

Oh, you’re in just the right spot, friend!

I work with creative entrepreneurs who struggle with getting things done in their business.

I help them to stand out above the crowd, while sprinkling in a little strategy, without all the headaches. I've won awards, been recognized in our communities, thrive on family time and vacation time, and we know what it's like to balance a full-time gig with a side-hustle too! 

That’s where I come in.

If it’s gotta do with
business & marketing, 

I've got your back!

Most days you’ll find me curled up in my office, researching topics, writing for various projects, and even plotting out the next vacation or workcation.

I love serving creative women, and I believe we are better together. As a fellow creative woman, a busy wife and mama to a couple of furbabies, I know how zany life can get. When we combine our strengths the impossible becomes possible.

I’m crazy about serving you as a marketing and social media strategist and educator, so you can make time for what matters – things like good books, naps and cups of tea.
Thanks for stopping by!

- Vanessa Shepherd


and Disney!

I love pink

I have a serious side, and I can be a little shy, but once we get to know each other,

I’m chatty & an open book

Travel is a huge passion right up there alongside crafting, photography, and gardening;

I’m multi-passionate & it shows

in Northern Alberta, but I’ve spent a fair share of my life in the city – it’s how my Martha Stewart-esque roots took shape

I grew up in the country

I’m an overcomer living with a

grace, not perfection mindset

Already down for some

or some business

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